South Carolina Shag

Private / Couples / Group / Youth Classes Available

Cost*: Adults: $20/hr • Youth: $15/hr

*subject to dance

The fast dance originated at the Carolina beaches. It would be described back in 1940’s as a slow, fancy jitterbug which spot lighted the male dancer. This dance was done barefoot at the Carolina pavilions on concrete and on the beach sand. There are songs that refer to Barefooting. Later shag dance would replace the term fast dance. The shag is danced to antique rock and roll and rhythm and blues.

In the 1980’s some old “beach bums” decided to have a reunion at Ocean Drive, S.C. Hundreds of people showed up from whence comes the semi annual migration of 10,000 shaggers to O.D, which is called Society of Stranders (SOS). In the more recent past there has been a push to keep the dance going by teaching it to our children and grand children.

Join us for a great night of fun!

Barbara Wilkes

Call Barbara to schedule your S.C. Shag lesson!


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